Weightloss Update 2

Time for a diet update. If you come here to read my rants about politics, I’m really sorry. I only write about my diet weekly when I do my weigh in. And I know it’s not too exciting or entertaining, but putting out there in public is a bit of a motivator for me. Makes it more difficult for me to cheat or give up.

So, I started using the calorie counting phone app that I told you about in my last update. It’s been a big help. I just type in what I’m eating and the amounts and it records the calories as well as the nutrients. It then presents it all in nice colourful clear graphics. Being a man, a visual aid is a big help to me!

After a week of it, I’m finding it makes me think a bit more about my food choices and keeps me motivated. I’m also finding that I’m not feeling like I’m depriving myself of certain food stuffs. Just eating in moderation and looking at my whole day’s food intake. So if I’m over on my sugar, I’ll avoid sweet treats. If I’ve had my share of carbs for the day, I’ll have a pasta-free evening meal. And I’ll feel fine about it.

This coming week will be a bit of a test though. I’m off to Liverpool for the Labour Party Annual Conference. Living in a hotel for the best part of a week and probably living on sandwiches and buffets. Not being able to cook and plan my meals is going to be challenging so I’ll let you know how that goes!

In the mean time, here’s my figures for this week:

Starting Weight (lbs) Current Weight (lbs) Bodyweight loss since last check in (lbs) Bodyweight loss since last check in % Bodyweight loss in total (lbs) Bodyweight loss in total (%)
302 296 6 1.98 6 1.98
293 3 1.01 9 2.98


  1. I’ve truly had a remarkably difficult experience loosing weight and anytime I can find guidance to assist me is incredibly enjoyed. Thank you so much friend for the tips Lets hope I could at last loose the remaining of the unwanted weight I have obtained since having my youngster!

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