The Eye Of The Beholder

Art is more important than people think. Ok, so it’s not life and death. And Tories will definitely think immigration is a far more important issue. But art is important nonetheless. It sparks the imagination, takes us out of our normal existence and opens our minds to new ideas and concepts.

That’s why I think kids should be exposed to art as much as possible in their formative years. When I was in primary school, my headteacher made sure we had lots of art lessons from visiting sculptors and painters and other artists. He also ensured that we were taken to galleries and installations when we could be. It was probably something we didn’t take a lot of notice of then, but I look back now and really appreciate the impact that had on me.

Between the ages of 7 and 10 is probably the age where we can start to enjoy art for more than pretty colours and shapes, but I guess we’re never too young. Which is one reason I really like what Adele Enersen does. A mother and housewife in Finland with a design background, she’s really taken to introducing her daughter to art in a different way and at a young age. Mila just turned one recently.

Adele has used her maternity leave to create the art below and Mila was heavily involved. I think in years to come, Mila will really love this work and probably art in general. Check her work out…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


See more of Adele Enersen’s work here.



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