Goodbye To All That

This blog’s first
birthday was a few days ago. I’ve now been writing here for 12
months. It seems longer to me. An anniversary seems like a natural
time to review what’s gone before and look forward to what’s to

On top of
that, it’s new year’s eve so it seems even more fitting. The
Independent wrote this article just before Christmas.
It’s a little piece about what we’ve got to look forward to in

They probably
published it because it was the traditional slow-news week and they
have column-inches to fill. But when I read it, it made me realise
that there’s not a great deal to be positive about in

I’d love to
write about all the good things that are coming up next year, about
a corner we’re about to turn, but I can’t see one. The coalition
government are going to make things worse before they even begin to
look like they might get better.

The last year has seen a lot of
change. A change of government, a change in policy, a change in the
national mood. There’s been riots in Athens, the Saville Report
into Bloody Sunday, the blue Danube turning brown with
chemical spillage, the Chilean miners, Deepwater Horizon, Haiti,
the floods in Pakistan, the World Cup, William and Kate, oh and a
General Election. Not to mention Aung San Suu Kyi, North Korea,
Papal visits, Raoul Moat, the Ryder Cup, the Delhi games, Brazil’s
first female president, and winter travel nightmares as snow
stopped play.

been a lot of fun commenting on it all and I look forward to
continuing to do so in 2011.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading
my posts as much as I have writing them, and I look forward to
hearing from you in the coming year. Have a very good night and an
even better new year.


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