Spectator Parliamentary Awards

Last night was the first of what will probably be several reviews of the past year with the annual Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year Awards in Westminster. And, let’s face it, 2010 has an awful lot to look back on after the general election, the Labour leadership contest and everything else besides. So here’s the full rundown:

Newcomer of the Year: Caroline Lucas for winning the first Green Party seat.

Inquisitor of the Year: Tom Watson for his brilliant FoI letters.

Peer of the Year: Lord Young of Graffham.

Speech of the Year: David Cameron for his offer to the Liberal Democrats after the election.

Double act of the Year: George Osborne and Danny Alexander.

Campaigner of the Year: Ed Miliband for his campaign for the Labour leadership.

Survivor of the Year: Gisela Stuart for holding the ultra-marginal Birmingham Edgbaston.

Backbencher of the Year: Graham Brady.

Statesman of the Era: Baroness Thatcher.

Parliamentarian of the Year: Ed Balls for his shadowing of Michael Gove.

Politician of the Year: Nick Clegg for winning the first election debate.

Obviously, I think Thatcher shouldn’t be Statesman of the Era, but then it’s a bloody stupid award title. I mean how often is an era? Can you really give this award annually?

Double act of the year for Osborne and Alexander is predictable but poor given that Alexander was shipped in as a replacement for David Laws. Still, it’s nice for him to get something seeing as his seat is ultra-marginal and he’ll be knocking on someone else’s door for a job in a few years. The award will look good on his application to Goldman Sachs.

Nick Clegg as Politician of the year, given all the backtracking and broken promises, doesn’t really do a lot to sell politics. However, that debate performance in April halted the Labour recovery and altered the nature and style of the election. Despite that, the Lib Dems performed poorly at the polls and I’m not convinced Clegg is the right choice for this award.

Time will tell I suppose.



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