Weddings, Royal and otherwise

So William and Kate are getting married next year.

I’m sure I’m supposed to write a nice blog post about it, possibly mentioning the people’s princess and how a Royal Wedding (note the capitals) is just what the country needs in these days of struggle and strife and economic lunacy from our government.

I should probably even do a little bit about the work the royal family do for the country, and so on. Except most of them don’t. Wills and Harry are currently earning a living in our armed forces, but the rest of them get far too much for doing very little.

I really couldn’t care that William is getting married some time next spring or summer. Except for one fact. I’m getting married at the end of May. And if his street-party laden plans make a mockery of the carefully thought through logistical nightmare of  my wedding, I’ll be furious.


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