Demo 2010 – The first of many?

A march and rally organised by the UEA student...
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Ok, so it’s plain to see that the NUS/UCU demo in Westminster was hijacked slightly by students probably from the SWP/trot faction of the movement.

The idiocy of the violence means that all the media are talking about the vandalism at Millbank rather than the suffering of students and educational establishments.

Despite that, though, the vast majority of people on the demo were peaceful and just wanted to make their point.

I thought I’d show my solidarity by posting here some of the funniest placards from yesterday’s march.

 1. I thought I was going to Alton Towers

2. I wish my boyfriend was as dirty as your policy

3. This s**t wouldn’t happen at Hogwarts

4. Hairdressing student against cuts

5. Kiss my arts

6. If I could afford higher tuition fees I’d buy a better banner

7. I went to university and all I could aford [sic] was this stupid sign

8. Is this the queue for Justin Bieber tickets?

9. Arts cuts are worse than this comic sans font

10. Angry Sign

11. Down with this sort of thing

12. Tuition fees – £9,000. Student debt – £40,000 plus. The look on Clegg’s face as he loses Sheffield Hallam – priceless

13. Dumbledore wouldn’t put up with this shit

14. Don’t be silly. £9K is a bit steep

15. Well That’s Me Fucked

16. Eric Pickles ate my loan

17. Kay Burley is what you get when you don’t invest in education

18. Cut my hair not my future

19. I am the ghost of Nick Clegg’s integrity

20. I only popped out for a pint of milk

21. I don’t believe in anything. I’m just here to miss PE.

And finally, my favourite placard of the day is this

Nick Clegg sold out faster than Muse


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