Tuesday fun with Google

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

Ah, I said I was sorry! I didn’t mean it. Apparently, Monday morning isn’t the best time to make jokes about your shoes. I know this now. No, they’re definitely not scuffed. They’re lovely. Seriously. Anyway, after yesterday’s fun with Google’s search engine, I’ve got something else to raise a smile. Once again, just follow my lead.

Rob says:

1. Go to Google

2. Click on ‘Maps’

3. Click on ‘Get Directions’

4. In the From box, type ‘Japan’

5. In the To box, type ‘China’

6. Don’t worry that the directions aren’t totally in English

7. Read direction #43

And there you have it. Another fine start to a cold winter’s morning. Enjoy your day and ignore people commenting on your shoes. They’re just chunky.



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