Clegg’s Quandary

Nick Clegg makes the Liberal Democrats' Leader...
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If you’ve been near Twitter today, you will have been told about the Liberal Democrats ‘new’ website. The site,, isn’t actually the correct URL for the Lib Dems but links through to a YouTube video of Nick Clegg’s now infamous election speech announcing that tuition fees were ‘wrong’ and that he would “resist, vote against, [and] campaign against” any increase in the tuition fees.

It’s a funny skit site and we all enjoy a laugh on a Friday so it was well-received by everyone, except probably team Clegg. But there’s an underlying issue behind this site. On the surface, this is a well-executed practical joke with a political message. The sort of thing annoyed students or Labour supporters may do. But when you dig a little deeper and talk to the domain registrar, you find that this particular domain name was registered by someone inside Lib Dem Head Office.

It looks like Clegg is facing opposition from within his own party over his handling of the tuition fees pledge u-turn. We all know, and Vince Cable admitted yesterday, that the only reason they gave that pledge is because they didn’t believe they would be in Government. Oops. We in the Labour Party have been saying this about Lib Dem policy for years. It’s not costed, realistic, or genuine. And now we see proof of those assertions.

All this is coming on the same day that Populus published polling data from Clegg’s constituency, Sheffield Hallam, showing his personal support has dropped 20% since the general election. The current numbers in his seat are:

LD 33% (-20) LAB 31% (+15) CON 28% (+4)

I have to wonder if they’ll be a lot worse in a few weeks, after the CSR.




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