A very democratic defection

You will, if you’ve read my blog posts since July, remember this earlier post I wrote about my all time favourite Focus leaflet.

It was a Focus sent out to the constituents of Barnsley Council’s only Lib-Dem councillor, Sharron Brook. She had sent it out to ask what her constituents wanted her to do in view of the coalition. Did they want her to stay a Liberal Democrat, join the Labour party, or go it alone as an independent, she asked.

I finished that first post with “I’d love to see what responses they received”, and now we can all see the outcome of Cllr Brook’s poll. This morning, Cllr Brook left the Liberal Democrats and joined the Labour Party.

All over the country, Liberal Democrats are crossing the floor of their respective city halls, civic centres, and council chambers. They’re leaving their party because they feel betrayed by their leadership. Sharron  Brook was the last remaining Liberal Democrat on Barnsley MBC and she has joined her colleagues in crossing the floor to join Labour.

She has not just done this by herself for a personal gain. She has spent time gauging opinion of her electorate and received a mandate to join the Labour party. A mandate which may convert to a popular vote in the next Parliamentary elections in South Yorkshire, where the last remaining Liberal Democrat MP sits for the constituency of Sheffield Hallam.

(h/t Political Scrapbook)


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