Well I guess I have to say a massive thank you to my readers.

I’ve had a Summer of intermittent posting on here due to moving house, job-hunting, a touch of writers’ block, and – well – naff all to write about during the ‘silly season’. Despite this lack of output, Dear Reader, you have still found it in your immense hearts and dark  and tormented  deep and fulsome souls to vote this very blog 35th in the Total Politics Top 100 Labour Blogs poll.

Now, 35th may not sound as impressive as 3rd like my good friend Hopi Sen or even 8th like Labour Uncut, the other blog I occasionally write for. (Spot the inference there that it’s 8th purely due to my writing prowess, which is probably only very slightly true.)

However, as I only begged 2 or 3 times for your votes, and I’ve only been blogging since January this year, I’m absolutely delighted to be at 35 and will be displaying this Top 100 button proudly.

As soon as I figure out how to display my Top 100 button proudly.

The rest of the list can be found here, and a cracking list it is. Lots of very worthy blogs that take up my day on Google Reader.

Anyway, once again, thank you so much for your votes. I’m already very jealously eyeing up a top ten spot for 2011.


Update: I figured out how to display my Top 100 button proudly. It’s up there to the right. Proudly.


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