A small sign of my own humanity

David Cameron is a British politician, Leader ...
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I did have a pre-scheduled post ready to go out on here tonight about David Cameron’s political judgement. I’ve decided to postpone that til tomorrow because of the death of his father. Ok, so I’m only slightly delaying my slagging off of Cameron the politician, and it’s just a gesture. But it’s the right gesture. Cameron the man has my condolences in what I know will be an immensely difficult time for him and his family.

The death of my father was a hugely distressing time for me, and I got to grieve in private and didn’t have the media attention and public focus that David Cameron has to deal with. Whatever I think of Cameron’s politics, he’s a human being (unlike George Osborne) and deserves our condolences

My thoughts, sympathy and prayers are with the Cameron family tonight.

Tomorrow, I’ll get back to telling you why he is the wrong man to be PM.


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  1. Good call. Even those whose purpose in life is to shaft us deserve some compassion at times such as these.

    Anyone who has gone through such a close bereavement can feel his pain at this time.

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