The well-known village of Quentin

One of the fun things about publishing this blog using WordPress is the statistics package.  

If you’re not familiar with them, they break down how many people have looked at each post, what sites they came from, what search terms they used to find your blog.  

I like numbers and am a bit of a statistics geek, so I enjoy playing with those numbers. Sometimes it’s interesting. If you put effort into examining trends, you can work out what brings people to your blog.  

Me, I just like to boost my ego and laugh at the fact that a search engine brought someone hunting for ‘PVC and duct tape sex’ to this little politics blog. Imagine the disappointment on their perverted little faces. 

One of the features I like to look at is the total number of visitors. You can view numbers in a  daily, weekly, or monthly format if you want. But my favourite is a view called humanize. When you click on humanize, you get told your daily numbers in a simile. 


For example, it might say 

‘Today you had 61 visitors. 61 is the 18th prime number’ 

or possibly 

‘Today you had 83 visitors. That’s about the same as the number of households in Back Scuttle, Wyoming’. 

I like these numbers. They make me smile. They do exactly what they’re meant to. They humanize an otherwise dull figure. 


But yesterday I had a look at my stats at one point and promptly choked on my pickled onion monster munch. It could have been messy. Very messy. The reason I choked my rather yummy baked corn snack was the stat screen you can see below.  

The Town of Quentin, East Sussex


 I don’t know if you can make that out or not. What it says is 

 ‘Today you have had 50 views. That’s about the same number of people in Quentin Letts’. 

Apparently, according to WordPress at least, Quentin Letts is the size of a village. I liked this image. It made me smile. I hope it makes you smile too. 




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