Barnsley Focus on doing the right thing


I hate the Focus ‘newspapers’ that the Liberal Democrats produce. They’re annoying, they’re badly written, they feature far too many photographs of people pointing at drain-covers, leaves, bags of rubbish and dog turds.

They have a really frustrating habit of saying one thing in one ward and completely the opposite in a neighbouring ward. There’s often a certain comedy value in their mad rantings, but mostly they just hack me off. As you might have noticed.

As a rule, they are nothing but propaganda sheets selling the almost-always non-existant virtues of the councillors/candidates/local Lib Dem team/resident mentallists. That’s why it surprises me to see the exception to that rule.

You can’t see the text too clearly. The second paragraph of this Focus leaflet is asking the voters of their ward whether they should leave the Liberal Democrat party after Clegg and Cameron hooking up.

The main reason we are writing to you is to ask what you would like us to do, seeing as the Liberal Democrats have chosen to form a coalition with the Conservatives, never considering the people in the deprived north.

I’d love to see what responses they received and what  the local Labour and LibDem parties have to say about it.

(h/t Luke Akehurst)



  1. Thanks for your response Eddie. I’m not sure how relevant is, but it’s nice to see. Firstly, I never mentioned the Labour Party and barely touched on the General Election. Secondly, Trimdon Labour Club has nothing to do with anything at all. Thirdly, this post was about a Lib Dem councillor doing the right thing and consulting with her voters over what she should do. As far as I’m aware, she’s listened to that feedback and followed through on it. That’s democracy and voter engagement as we love to see it. I’m sure you believe collaboration is the name of the game right now, but let’s see if you’re still saying that at the next election. I assume you won’t be standing on a LibDem/Tory ticket?

  2. The problem with the Labour Party is that they are poor losers.

    When they are winning they are all about being a democracy (Not much chance of losing that in Barnsley).

    However when democracy works against them everything is wrong.

    As for the ‘Focus’ at least its produced on a budget that is sustainable in the Barnsley area not like the very expensive labour produced ‘Town(Insert Name) Matters’

    They will get another chance of democracy ‘Nationally’ in less than five years which is less than the ‘Blair’ years.

    New name for Trimdon WMC ‘Blarites’ I suggest if its changing to a pub. why they ever voted Labour in the NE I will never know considering how little has been invested in that area in the last thirteen years.

    Collaboration is the name of the game now not partnerships consider the views of the majority not the ‘Quango’ operating partnerships we have seen the last thirteen years.

    Start with looking at the ‘Breakaway’ political groups first and finding out how they can colloborate to make the UK a decent place for everyone to have a decent lifestyle.

    Does that make sense or will we see Vote4Eddiegouthwaite again in Barnsley V A.N.Other Labour party 🙂

    Have a nice day!

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