And Lo It Came To Pass

I spake, and lo, it came to pass.

I only use my powers for good and for getting to the front of the supermarket queue, which is a good thing really. If I turned to the dark side, society would be in trouble. For my powers, like my waist,  are immense. The two may be linked, though I’ve lost weight and have noticed no correlation in diminishing of my powers.

The proof of my powers you say? Your doubt disturbs me. Normally I would smite you for testing me. However, I just had a bacon butty and am in a good mood. So I will give you my proof.

I blogged here and here about George Osborne’s Budget driving Britain into another recession and possibly depression. People ignored me. In fact one person mocked me. He’s gone now. Let’s never talk of him again. Today, one of the world’s leading economists, Dr Paul Krugman (he of the Nobel Prize) agreed with me in this article in the Guardian. This is a huge proof of my momentous powers. Krugman was voted sixth in a list of the world’s top 100 intellectuals by some magazine once.

What do you mean that’s not enough proof? You’re very lucky that bacon was crispy. Ok, more evidence of my wisdom. For I am, on the whole, a benign ruler nice bloke. Last week, I blogged on the strategy of Ed Balls’ campaign against something that was inevitable. I pointed out, in my infinite wisdom, that campaigning against something that you couldn’t stop was probably not going to do you any favours. Ed said in response

There’ll be a vote on VAT in the finance bill – Will Liberal Democrats vote for the VAT bombshell they warned about?

And I obviously replied that they would. And, once again, I was proved correct. Nowhere near enough Liberal Democrats voted against the VAT rise to stop it passing. Ed Balls is now claiming some sort of victory for the two Lib Dem MPs who voted against the rise. Truth is he was probably banking on at least one of them voting against it and thus giving his campaign some sort of moral victory. But that’s not the point. The point is I was right and I’m great and more of you should listen to me. Because I spake, and lo it came to pass.



  1. Obviously as I’m an infallible overlord busy guy, this was a test. Well done Chris. You passed. *sigh* I’m off to find some cookies.

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