A little self-indulgence

Well, along with a lot of other blogs, I’m going to indulge in a bit of statporn. I only started blogging in January. I used to be really chuffed if I got 5 visitors a day. Then I got a bit obsessed about getting more and more readers, but now I just write and if people come and look it’s great. If they don’t, I’m still going to write.

Anyway, May saw this blog get 2,244 unique visitors. That’s small fry when compared to the likes of Iain Dale or Tom Harris, but it pleased me just the same. That doesn’t include RSS readers of which I know  a few. Visitor numbers grows week on week and is quite gratifying but makes me feel the pressure of having to produce something .

I’m busy applying for jobs at the moment, and have written something for another site (of which, more when it gets posted). I’m also in middle of trying to arrange move to London. So a bit busy and feeling blogger’s guilt at lack of posts. So with that in mind, and àpropos of nothing in particular, here’s a video looking back on election coverage. It’s funny and saves me writing anything intellectual. Thanks for visiting.



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  1. Russell Brand bans presents at his upcoming wedding to Katy Perry | Wedding Planning Guides and Tips says:

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