An apology to whoever

I’m feeling a little guilty for not writing much on here of late. I don’t know why. I know I have regular readers, but there aren’t thousands of you hanging on my every word – even though there obviously should be. I think writing is  an addictive thing. It’s very cathartic and I enjoy it. But I also think it’s important to have the right frame-of-mind to produce something worth reading.

the Want ads beckon

Clearly, I’ve not. I’ve started writing a lot of posts on a variety of things. Labour leadership, immigration, Cable’s fall from grace, and a few others. But I’ve not finished any of them.

I think I’m quite stressed out. As a result of cuts, my employer made me redundant on Friday 14th May. That wasn’t ideal. I’m trying to move to London and hopefully get a job in Parliament. But I wanted to keep the job I had until that had happened. Anyway, I had my leaving party on the 14th, nice card, a surprisingly large sum of money from the collection, a lot of goodbye beers, and off I went into the wide blue yonder….

…. Only to return the following Monday. I went away for the weekend to chill out and have fun in good company. Getting the train home on Monday lunchtime, I got a call from my previous employer asking me to go back on a consultancy basis as it wasn’t working out without me. So I’m back. At the same desk. With the same PC and desk tidy. I may or may not have  to bring back all the stationary that may or may not have fallen into my bag as I was leaving. And I’ve had to endure a hundred jokes about a refund on the whip-round. As relieved as I am to have my job back, it’s also been stressful coming back. I don’t like the feeling of not being in control of my destiny. While it’s great not to be unemployed, it’s a stress when the unexpected happens.  

I’m continuing to apply for jobs in Westminster and trying to plan a career move and not be forced into one. In the mean time, if I’m not up to writing an analysis of how crap the Tories are, I apologise. I’ll do my best to offer the usual carefree wit and pithy commentary on Westminster and beyond. But if I fail a little, don’t be too hard on me.



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