In Defence Of Twitter

Yesterday, being a Saturday, I had a fairly leisurely one. Woke up around 8:30am, made a coffee and took the newspaper back to bed with me. About 10, I emerged and had some toast then went to the gym. Had a great session though I ache a bit now. Had lunch in Yo Sushi with a friend, went to the cinema, bought a new book from Waterstones, went to the pub, and then rolled home. And I did all this in Newcastle city centre. Good times.
At the same time, 300 miles away in central London, I followed Gordon Brown’s speech to the Fabian Conference, took careful note of Peter Mandelson’s address to the same, found Will Straw’s views on AV intriguing, decided Jessica Asato’s proposal of a National Civic Service wasn’t as good an idea as some people thought, laughed at the description of Compass as being between Sweden and Narnia, and confirmed that  I don’t think a great deal of Nadine Dorries.
How did I pull off this amazing David Blaine-esque stunt? Was it the dark arts? Was it the teleporter I built on Wednesday’s lunchbreak (patent pending)? No, of course not! That would be silly. It was through the wonderful medium of twitter! Twitter enabled me to have updates sent my phone and keep up to date with everything at the Fabian conference. Not only that, but it’s let me connect with Labour activists all around the UK who have really re-ignited my enthusiasm for campaigning, which I’ve loved! But, besides these small things, news headlines have been broken via Twitter, communication lines with politicians have opened up, it helped an oppressed people communicate to the world during the Iranian uprisings, and just this last week or so Twitter has helped aid agencies raise thousands of pounds to get help to Haiti faster. With all that in mind, how can people hate it so much?
Twitter may not be changing the world, but it’s certainly helping those small groups of thoughtful, committed people who will….


  1. What no one seems to ever remark upon about Twitter, least of all those who slag it off, is that it's also a wonderful linkblogging medium. How else can I get so many long & detailed links into one place? You can try to write some witty intro or just put the link up, so it isn't only about posting trivial updates about "I just fed the cat" or "My cousin just breathed". So many people make this basic error, probably because they read the wrong twitters. I think I will engrave it on an iron bar & beat it into their heads 🙂

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