It all went a bit wrong yesterday didn’t it? A lot of my Labour comrades have said, “oh it’s just Gordon”. Quite a lot of them have sworn, jumped up and down and thrown their Nokias across their rooms cursing the man. I have to wonder what Labour bloggers would be saying if it had been David Cameron’s mic left on. Would there have been as much talk of forgiveness and focussing on policy? Or would the blogs – including this one – have launched into an attack on his racism and bad attitude?

The other thing that annoyed me, other than Gordon, yesterday was the speed at which the suffix -gate was added to all this. The person who named the Watergate hotel has a lot to answer for. If it was up to today’s journalists, we’d have had Suezgate, Minersgate, Abdicationgate, and Profumogate. But that’s a rant for another day.

Onwards and upwards, though. Today is the last debate. Let’s see what that brings. All in all, it’s going to be a very interesting 7 days. By way of balance with regards to politicians in public, I’d like to bring you this video by the team behind the thick of it.